God makes things grow

Project Cost Breakdown


Proposed Parking and Exterior Improvements

· Renovate all existing parking areas

· Provide accessible drop-off zones and improved circulation on the west side entrances.

· Flatten grade for improved access and easier parking.

· Renovated site for expanded parking, site lighting and signage

· Provides a courtyard for gathering and fellowship

· Creates a clear and definitive entrance to the new grand all and commons.

· Expanded handicap accessible parking

· North parking lot expansion

· Add 110 or more parking spaces thus providing 310+/- parking spaces on campus

· Enhanced electrical grid to bring electrical systems to code


Cost Estimate: $1,967,000


Proposed 1st Floor Adult/Choir Renovation Plan

· Existing 1st floor main office covered entrance provides access to new flattened grade parking for improved access to Sanctuary and Adult Grow Group space.

· Ramp access to the new commons area near the main elevator.

· Renovated adult classrooms with improved access commons and exits.

· New lighting, flooring, bathrooms, paint, improved climate control and traffic flow.

· Relocated and enlarged choir and music ministry suite.


Cost Estimate: $1,052,000



 Proposed 2nd and 3rd Floor Plan

· Demolition of the Gym Lobby/CLC area

· Construction of a new two-story preschool expansion and second floor for youth and Children expansion

· Expansion will provide an increase in ministry space of 30% each age group

· Expansion and renovation will provide secure access to each age group

· New Commons and Grand Hall constructed.

· Fellowship Hall enlarged for contemporary worship church fellowship times.

· Relocation of the church kitchen

· Centralized Commons Restrooms for the fellowship hall, grand hall and commons area.

· Open access from the north parking lot to the commons area


Cost Estimate: $7,970,800



Proposed 2nd Sanctuary/Admin and Classroom

· Enlarged sanctuary foyer

· Enlarged Sanctuary lobby

· Renovated Adult Grow Group classrooms and meeting rooms

· Renovated Restrooms

· Renovated sanctuary interior to include the following

·Preservation of the Traditional Sanctuary Environment

·New Electrical


·New Sound

·New Lighting

·New Pews or Pew Style Seating

·Enlarged and Renovated Pulpit and staging

·25% increase in seating capacity

·Renovated and increased seating capacity in the balcony

Cost Estimate: $1,755,000




Gym Code Updating Cost

· Installation of new fire system

· Installation of fire sprinkler system

Cost Estimate $30,200


General Costs

· Access Control (Security)

· Landscape/Irrigation

· Stained glass repairs/renovations

· Asbestos testing and abatement

· Civil work contingency

· Drainage

· Site utility taps

· Lab testing for soils and concrete

Cost Estimate: $500,000

Soft Costs

· Architect Design for Construction Documents

· Licenses, Permitting, Insurance

· Furnishings for new areas constructed

· Sound system upgrades

· Stage lighting

· Light control systems

· Contingency

Cost Estimate: $2,725,000


Total Cost Estimate $16,000,000